My favorite place

My favorite place to go is Chuck E Cheese because theirs arcade games food you can order and a big slide you can climb up and slide down.
Everytime i go there, it brings back so much memories of when i was young. when my family and i go there we make fun challenges,like if you can
leave your hands on the gorilla for the longest until your hands get numb, or if you can score 100 points on the water splash game.

Chuck E Cheese is a good place to bring your family to relax and let your kids have fun and play arcade games, and also eat pizza.Its also a fun
plays because when you win a game you get tokens, and when you get tokens you can get prizes.When its the weekend Chuck E comes out and
hangs out with the kids and takes pictures.
When you order a pizza they give you a paper and you put it on the table that has an app for you to download and if you download it you can see
Chuck E Cheese standing like if he’s really there and can take selfies with him.

This is why My favorite place is Chuck E Cheese,and i love having the family back together and spend time with them.If you go to Chuck E cheese
i hope you’ll have fun time with your family.