Enslaved People in the United States

There was period of time in the history of the United States when slavery was legal. As hard as it is to believe, until the end of the Civil War in the 1860s, it was legal in southern states to enslave black African Americans and force them to work on southern plantations. These people endured harsh treatment, inhuman living conditions, and endless amounts of grueling labor for the benefit of the plantation owner and his family. (TRANSITION to BODY)

Enslaved people survived in spite of housing conditions that were barely livable.Most slaves lived in small one-room cabin with a dozen other people. These crowded cabins lacked any form of privacy, so they had holes in their windows .The only heat they had to warm the house is a fire in the center.They didn’t had nice roofs, instead they had leaky roofs.Their beds were hay or straw on the floor and there floors were mud.

Enslaved people were treated badly.They could be jailed for angering their owner.If the slaves don’t do their job they’ll end up being whipped.Their children can be taken away from their parents.They didn’t go to school.They can be punished if they try to escape.They cut off front of their feet to not try to run-away.There was no freedom for them.Families can be sold and separated from their loved ones.There were treated badly because they had no rights.

Domestic workers are the ones to work in the main. The domestic workers were treated better then the field workers.They worked day and night.They took care of the owners family and clean the main house.They did whatever their owner said.Domestic workers were less physical because the only cleaned the house and cook.

field worker are the ones who work outside.They work the whole day,day and night.children under 7,8 had to work.They had to pick plants and crops by hand.Like tobacco, cotton,and sugar cane.The field workers had to work in the hot no matter what the owner didn’t care .they worked really hard but weren’t allowed to take short breaks whenever they want to they only had a certain time to.Field workers are more physical than the domestic workers . they work hard and didn’t have water to drink when the were dehydrated.

The Exodusters

When the civil war ended in 1861 to 1865 the us constitution was abolished slavery but the southern worsen,black slaves were denied their civil rights and got abused and the black codes were passed in 1865,1866.They provided a economic foundation for social independence.in 1809 Benjamin pap singleton was borned when singleton grow older he escaped and found freedom and came back to the city to help his people.singleton wanted to go to southern Kansas and and found out it was a good country. in 1879 the exodus of black families from the old southern begin .Benjamin singleton carried his people on there own sources to kansas and tried to make their own people themselves.there was about 8 thousand homesteaders.